The ADLIB Internet Server is designed to be the link between the ITC collection and the World Wide Web. It makes it possible for people to consult our data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using an ordinary web browser.

The ADLIB Internet Server offers various ways to search our database. The simplest method is to use the simple search form. More experienced users can fill in an advanced search form. The default search form is the advanced search form.

You may choose which database you want to search: Full library catalogue or Books or Audio Visual or Serials or Maps and atlases or Articles or Resources (online) but the best way is to search the full library catalogue. You will not miss any document or item.

Each database is indexed by certain terms which can be searched: Title, Author, Corporate Author, Class Code (UDC), Year, Language, Free Search.

It is also possible to restrict your search to Faculty ITC Academic Output only by enabling this option.

Once the query has been submitted, the ADLIB Internet Server will display the retrieved records as a list. Clicking on the description takes you to the detailed display of the record. In many cases hyperlinks are included to external documents such as HTML pages or PDF files. By clicking the name of a author, all other works will be shown by that author in a brief display. The same goes for corporate authors.

In this way, you can browse the text by clicking hyperlinks, without having to go back to the search form.

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