Achamyeleh Gashu Adam

Achamyeleh Gashu Adam is currently working as Director of Institute of Land Administration in Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. He is also an assistant professor of land administration and governance at Bahir Dar University. He holds PhD and Masters Degree from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, in Land Management and BA degree in Geography and Environmental studies from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. Moreover, Achamyeleh is working as a secretariat of the Ethiopian Land Research and Development Network (ETHIOLANDNET), a network composed of 14 higher academic and research institutions working on land.  He is also actively involving in the activities of the East African Land Administration Network (EALAN). Achamyeleh is also a Board member of Urban Land Registration and Information Agency of Amhara Regional State. He has extensive experience in teaching and research in the area of land administration and governance. He has been participating in a number of research projects in the field of land administration and governance as team leader and member.

Activities in Education

Achamyeleh has been involving in teaching postgraduate and undergraduate courses such as  Land Governance (PhD Course), Fundamentals of Land Administration (MSc course), Land Development and management (MSc course), Land Policy and Reform (BSc course), Land Tenure management (BSc and MSc course). In addition to the long term trainings, he has been providing also short term on job trainings for land sector experts from different governmental and non-governmental organizations in the area of land administration and governance.  Moreover, he has been involving in design and revision of various curriculums for different programs as a team leader and team member.  For instance, he has worked as a team leader and member of curriculum design and development committee of PhD in land Policy and Governance, MSc in Land Administration and Management, BSc in Land Administration and BSc in Land and Real Property Valuation curriculum committee.

Activities in Research

Achamyeleh has been conducting researches on land and land related issues of national importance.  His research interest is mainly on peri-urban land tenure management.  He is very much interested on land acquisition and delivery in the transitional peri-urban areas in the process of urban expansion. Issues related to informal settlement and land governance in the transitional peri-urban areas are also his topic interest. He is also working as research advisor of post graduate students in the institute of land administration Bahir Dar University.

Activities in Projects

Achamyeleh has involved in a number of project proposal writing and in the implementation of the projects as a team leader and team member. Some of the projects  that Achamyeleh has been involving as project leader and team member are:

  • Orthophoto and Base map Positional Accuracy Verification for the ongoing Ethiopian urban cadastre system- for 23 cities in Ethiopia;
  • Establishment and Administration of Ethiopian Land Research and Development Network (ETHIOLANDNET) at the Institute of Land Administration of Bahir Dar University (ILA/BDU), Ethiopia;
  • Assessment of Policy Differences between Oromia and Amhara Regional States of Ethiopia and its impact of Farmers Livelihood, UK funded;
  • DAAD PhD Scholarship at Bahir Dar University-Strengthening Land Governance in Africa (DAAD scholarship);
  • Implementation of Academic Land Administration Education In Ethiopia for Supporting Sustainable Development (APPEAR Project-Austria)

List of publication

  • Adam G.A.2016.  Peri-urbanization and New Built-up Property Formation Process in the Peri-urban Areas of Ethiopia. Journal of Land Administration in East Africa, Vol. 3:1. (PDF)
  • Adam G.A.2015. Land Readjustment as an Alternative Land Development Tool for Peri-Urban Areas of Ethiopia. Property Management, Vol.33:1. (request a copy)
  • Adam G. A. 2014. Land Tenure in the Changing Peri-Urban Areas of Ethiopia:The Case of Bahir Dar City. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 38, No. 6. (request a copy)
  • Adam G.A.2014. Peri-Urban Land Rights in the Era of Urbanization in Ethiopia: A Property Rights Approach. African Review of Finance and economics, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 120–138. (PDF)
  • Adam G. A. 2014. Informal Settlements in the Peri-urban Areas of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia: An Institutional Analysis. Habitat International, Vol. 43, pp. 90-97. (request a copy)